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You Don't Have To Live With Your Unexplained Infertility Or Period Problems. You Can Find A Solution.


Learn to Reconnect To Your Inner Self And Find The Root Cause Of Your Issue By Working With Plant Medicines, Energetics and Ritual.

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Hey, I'm Deslee.  My experience is in Physiology, Herbs,  Energetics. and Rituals  I've studied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and  Plant Medicines for 20+ years.  With the guidance of Elder Teachers and from the  Plants themselves, I've woven together my knowledge backgrounds  into one concise framework for Self-Healing.   As a Woman and Mother, I have come to understand that this schematic for healing is rooted in the Womb Space - regardless if one has a physical womb or not.

I now teach folks how they can track the root cause of their unexplained infertility or  period problems  and heal  themselves using Plant Medicines, Medical Qi Gong and Ritual.

I'm here if you need support xo.

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How I Can Help You

Plant Medicines for Menstruators Course

This 4 week self-study course follows the the four phases of the menstrual cycle and matches them to the four phases of the lunar cycle. Each week participants journey into ritual with specific plants that support that phase of the cycle.  You will complete the course with knowledge of how to communicate with plants and work with them to support your Menstrual cycle.

Recalibrate To Regeneration

An 8 week intensive that helps you readjust your relationship to all areas of you life so that you are deeply connected to your Intuitive Self on a regular, ongoing basis. Looking at your relationship to yourself, your food, breath, medicines, movement, lineage, womb space, energetics, and rituals; you will learn the art of Healing Yourself by working with Plant Medicines, Medical Qi Gong and Ceremony.

Individualized One- On-One Work

This is your deeply personal, curated 1-1 support. We work together to track the root cause of your fertility, menstrual or postpartum issue and make a plan to address it directly so that it no longer effects you. You will learn specific Medical Qi Gong protocols for your needs, which Plant Medicnes and Food Medicines will best augment your healing and any Rituals to help open the way to your full healing.

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