The Womb Witch Academy

In the Womb Witch Academy you will step beyond the veil as you journey down the rabbit hole and enter into Rooted Relationship with Mother Nature.

Dive Deep at Womb Witch Academy

You will understand how to commune with the Plant Spirits and the invisible Stewards who look after them, and initiate yourself into the Blood Mysteries as you solve your Period Problems and free yourself from your broken body story.

New Course Coming Soon~

Plant Medicines for Menstruators

Want to learn about how the Plant Queendom can support you, not only physically through your menstrual cycle, but also in the magical realms?

In this 90day initiatory Intensive you will

  • track and clear the traumas stored in your body that are causing constriction and disease

  • connect thoroughly with yourself in order to remove, permanently the obstacles that are disrupting your flow

  • learn how to conjure from your Inner Cauldron (psst...hint- it's your Uterus!)

Through profoundly in-depth live teaching modules, secret rituals, as well as messenger support in our private Facebook group, you will transform from feeling depressed, exhausted and dreading your period every month, into feeling that in fact, your body isn't failing you - it's a supercharged and powerful golden cauldron of healing potential. Boom.

Want in?

I have a very limited pre-launch spots available right now for a limited me for the info!

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