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This is a profound, safe and deeply healing space for you to transcend your Period Problems, reorient your Fertility Journey and free yourself from PMS or Menopause Drama as you learn to enthrone your latent Queen by flowing with the tides of your seasonal body. We will be the literal embodiment of abundance as we free ourselves from our broken-body stories, fill our wombs with the Creative Waters and birth the projects, artworks, intentions and babies that our hearts desire.

Oh and there's Mad Moon Love over here too!

Your body isn't failing you Baby!

In fact, it is a supercharged and powerful golden cauldron of manifestation and healing potential. It's time to start living your life pain-free, in optimal health and as the enchanting Empress you have always been. .

Just Imagine:

Experiencing your period each month as an intensive healing ritual instead of dreading it and hating your body for bleeding (or not bleeding...).

Showing up at your next gyno appointment, after you were told that there is no cure for your pain, bleeding or infertility; and telling your doctor, I CURED MYSELF! Can you visualize the look in their eyes??

Taking your body back, standing in total sovereignty, and wielding potency from your pelvis - creating a magnetism around everything you do!

Here, in the Womb Witch Sisterhood you have the support that you need to persevere with your healing journey and sisters around to know that you are not alone. Together we will raise each other up! Check us out at The Womb Witch Sisterhood on Facebook xx

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