• Deslee Mihalyi

Full Hunter Moon in Aries ~

Light the Fire Within and Without, Take Action, Start Now.

Full Moon Insights from The Womb Witch

Time to look within and without, as the Moon in Aries calls upon the energies of I AM and the Sun in Libra calls upon the energies of WE ARE. In other words, Aires, ruled by self-centered and action oriented Mars this moon, is asking us to look within at what we are bringing to the world and the action needed to see it to fruition.

However, this self-centered aspect is balanced by the Sun in Libra, illuminating how we relate to others in our life as well as collectively. What are we creating in our individual lives that is going to contribute to the collective wave of change in consciousness that is happening in the world at this time?

Time to Act. Now.

What ACTION are you putting towards changing the world for a better humanity, better for the animals and plants, the oceans and rivers; for Creation Itself?

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